Level 3 - Tournament Grade Paint

D3FY Level 3 paintballs are the highest grade of paintballs that you can get! Solid shell colors are available in a beautiful metallic finish. Our Level 3 paintballs are made with a unique shell design that breaks on impact, but not easily in barrels while retaining amazing accuracy!

Level 2 - Premium Grade Paint

D3FY Level 2 paintballs are available with two tone colored shells in either metallic or non-metallic finishes. PEG. Our Level 2 paintballs are the perfect balance between a high end tournament paintball and affordable practice ball!

Level 1 - Field Grade Paint

D3FY Level 1 paintballs come with either single color or dual color shells that offer the best looking paintball for the price. The paint fill is bright and comes in a variety of colors! Level 1 paintballs from D3FY not only look great, but shoots straight as well… all at an affordable price!