What size/caliber paintball can D3FY markers shoot?

All D3FY paintball markers shoot .68 Caliber paintballs.

What air source can I use on a D3S marker?

The D3S is a high-performance paintball marker and requires compressed air.

Do I have to use a compressed air tank with high output pressure for the D3S?

No, you can use low and mid level regulated output pressure compressed air tanks. Ranging from 300psi up to 850psi.

How fast does the D3S Marker shoot?

22bps. Ultimately it will depend on the speed of your paintball loader.

How sensitive is the D3S marker trigger?

It can be adjusted to your preferred sensitivity level.

How efficient are the D3S markers?

Shots with HPA 68/4500=7pods (approx. 980 shots)
Shots with HPA 48/3000=3pods (approx. 420 shots)

What air source can I use on a CONQU3ST blowback paintball marker?

You can use CO2 or HPA Compressed air for the CONQU3ST marker.