The “DEFY PAINT SQUAD” team sponsorship program was setup to promote the growth of paintball sports, and specifically help dial in your team with sweet pricing on paintballs. DEFY Paint comes in all different flavors for use at team practice, amateur events, and professional tournaments. If your team is looking for a paintball partner that can deliver stellar paint and insane deals then take a few minutes to sign up for the DEFY PAINT SQUAD sponsorship program!



A sponsorship program that was setup to provide paintball teams with discounts on DEFY Paint.

What level of discounts are we talking?

Discount levels vary by team experience, team history, events attended, and specific geographic location of team.

What if we are a new team?

The DEFY PAINT SQUAD was setup to assist teams of all levels… ranging from new players to tournament professionals. It doesn’t hurt to sign up 😉

What types of paintballs are included?

Most teams prefer our Level 1 Practice Grade paintballs when working together at the field or training grounds. We also make Level 2 Premium Grade, and Level 3 Tournament Grade paintballs for competitive events.

When will we hear if we're accepted?

We will review your team’s application, and respond within an estimated 2-3 business days. We may contact you to ask questions, and discuss details.

Where is the DEFY PAINT SQUAD program available?

Currently we are only working with teams in the United States. Due to shipping courier accessibility and costs some US locations will not be permitted for sponsorship.


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